A popular Chinese proverb that means the coming together of people in a place and time where all conditions are favourable. As Forbes says, "It's not just about being in the right place at the right time, but knowing what to do when you find yourself there."

Are millions of Chinese reaching you?

Home to 2 million High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), China is one of the largest and fastest growing market of overseas property buyers.

More than half of them plan to increase the proportion of their overseas investments in the next 3 years.

We are the only Singaporean Chinese intermediary solely focused on directing Chinese investors to Cyprus and nowhere else.

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The number of high net worth Chinese is expected to rise to 3.88 million by 2020.

By 2020, total investable assets will increase to ¥200 trillion, accounting for 51% of the global total.

The 3 main purchasing goals are investment, residence, and holiday homes.

China commands the highest demand for new nationalities, especially with property as a stable investment route.


Our platform offers you exclusive marketing rights to millions of mainland and international Chinese looking for quality overseas property to fund, own, or sell.

Find a marketing package that suits your needs whether you are a large property developer or a private property owner. From language localisation to front page features and editorial articles, we guarantee high visibility for your property.

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Investment Funding

We provide funding and venture capital for large projects with high growth potential in Cyprus such as real estate development, joint ventures, and alternative energy, matching high net worth investors looking for large-scale investments.

We cover the entire process of fund management from fundraising to the necessary paperwork and approvals from authorities, so the process is kept simple for you.

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Property Management

We turn your properties into world-class serviced apartments for large corporate bookings and business travellers through kairosresidences.com.

From furnishing to marketing, listing, rental, and housekeeping, we provide professional property management services so you generate income without lifting a finger. 

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Fully bilingual and fluent in both Mandarin and English business languages, our team ensures no losses in translation between the investors and you. Our in-house Chinese legal advisors will always provide official documents in both languages so you don't have to source for external service providers.


Foreign investment is subject to strict supervision and approval in China. Our established network of professional partners in China takes care of all legal and administrative procedures and paperwork, so that the business processes are fast and smooth for you.


Understanding Chinese business practices and customs make all the difference in establishing business relationships.  Our team helms deep understanding of their business culture and etiquette, and adopt a Chinese approach to perform negotiations and cultivate strong relationships between the East and West.


A dedicated China office with a full-time workforce actively marketing exclusive properties offered by our partners, through all  major marketing channels in China, including direct sales, events and seminars, display advertising, digital advertising, and social media.

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